CCIE Voice v3 Official Update

Finally, Cisco has made announcement for CCIE Voice 3.0 changes. Here are the changes in brief:-

1. CUCM, CUCME and CUCCX would be upgrade to version 7.0.

2. All analog devices such as means ATA, VG248, FXS/FXO ports, Analog phones and Fax machines will be removed.

3. Catalyst 3750 and HWIC-4ESW-POE will replace Catalyst 6500 and 3500 which means no CatOS anymore! 🙂

4. IOS on all routers will be upgraded to 12.4T train.

5. Basic tasks such as basic dial plan, phone registration will be configured.

I am really happy that they are going remove VG248 and 6500 switch. Those two babies costs like hell and normal CCIE candidates can’t afford them in home racks (unless your boss gets generous and give you one :-P). The 7.0 software has far more features as compared 4.0 on which candidates are currently being tested on. This blueprint would be effective from mid-July, 2009 and I am really excited. You can find more information on Cisco’s Learning Network:-

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